(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


The INCLUDING Platform will provide to partners an innovative tool for managing facilities and resources. It will mark a significant step ahead in the process of planning multiagency and multinational training sessions with a common language, understanding and cooperation. The Platform will be developed based on a federated architecture and together with the INCLUDING methodology will allow to identify human and technical resources for cross-national mobilization and sharing and to enhance interoperability for optimizing efficiency and reduce operative costs.

The INCLUDING Platform will provide a web interface to the federation of resources and services. An explicative simplified scheme of how the INCLUDIG Platform works is shown below:

Schema content

The Platform will allow for the advanced management of the sharing of infrastructure, equipment and expertize in the Cluster and for assisting the planning, execution and evaluation phase of multiagency full scale exercises, functional exercises, drills, table-top exercises, equipment testing, on-line training sessions, serious gaming and e-learning modules.