(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)

INCLUDING JOINT ACTION, multidisciplinary field exercise, 22-23.06.2021, Athens, Greece

INCLUDING has succeeded to execute on 22nd June 2021 at the Piraeus Port Commercial Terminal in Athens its first Joint Action. It has been a successful exercise organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMOD) in collaboration with the Port Authorities and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission. More than 40 observers from abroad, and high-level representatives of HMOD, assisted in the response to the discovery of an unknown radiological source in a cargo container. It has been the first possibility to implement the INCLUDING vision to promote innovation in the management of radiological emergencies through sharing of resources among stakeholders from different Member States. Moreover, the Joint Action at Piraeus has been also the first setting where to test the added value of the INCLUDING Web based platform for planning and executing a field exercise with mobilization of technological and human resources. The CBRNe Coy centre at Chaidiri, western outskirt of Athens, hosted on 23 June 2021 a vibrant evaluation session lead by experts from the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) in Lithuania.

See the movie from the event!


23 June 2021