(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


INCLUDING aims at creating a long-lasting cluster of practitioners, decision and policymakers in the RN domain, interacting together and with technology suppliers and academia. The project steadily manages the link with other EU completed and ongoing projects, and with existing clusters to optimize the cross-fertilization with the exchange of expertise, knowledge and resources.



In recent years, a few European universities and municipalities have developed techniques to actively monitor crowd movements and pro-actively manage crowded spaces using real-time decision support systems. These ad hoc and specialist pilots have shown that the liveability of the inner cities can be improved substantially. Yet, the piloted state-of-the-art Crowd Management Decision-support systems (CM-DSS) are currently not ready for large-scale deployment. CityFlows will make the necessary steps to prepare a generic CM-DSS for the international market. The most important outcomes of CityFlows are a boost of the quality of urban space and a license-based crowd management decision-support system (software). The CityFlows project establishes a set of city-scale demonstrator projects to illustrate the overall impact of the system and management strategies on the liveability for various types of crowded spaces and crowd management objectives.

The main outcomes of CityFlows are:

  1. a boost in quality and accessibility of urban space (i.e. level of service, throughput and/or safety) of the four European living labs,
  2. a license-based crowd management decision-support system (software package),
  3. a design strategy for frameworks of action for crowd proactive crowd management,
  4. an impact assessment of the deployment of the CityFlows CM-DSS for various types of crowded places across Europe,
  5. an education package considering innovative crowd management decision-support systems.

The five outcomes of CityFlows will be disseminated through a set of international workshops for public and private stakeholders and academics at the sites of the living labs during the runtime of the demonstrator projects and the generation of an educational package on pro-active crowd management of crowded spaces.

Project duration: 1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2021
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