(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


INCLUDING aims at creating a long-lasting cluster of practitioners, decision and policymakers in the RN domain, interacting together and with technology suppliers and academia. The project steadily manages the link with other EU completed and ongoing projects, and with existing clusters to optimize the cross-fertilization with the exchange of expertise, knowledge and resources.

PracticE Ecosystem for StandaRdS (PEERS)

PracticE Ecosystem for StandaRdS (PEERS)

PracticE Ecosystem for StandaRdS (PEERS) is a Horizon Europe project aiming to advance and reinforce the European Union's operational safety and security policies through the development of a practitioner-driven ecosystem focused on pre-normative standardisation processes and supporting tools. The PEERS ecosystem supports the effective strengthening of preparedness and response in the field of Disaster Risk Resilience and CBRN-E through the practitioner-driven Better Practice Guide initiative, gamification and e-Learning support. It primarily targets assisting Europe's disaster risk management for natural hazards and CBRN-E practitioners, European research policymaking as well as other stakeholders including the research community and national standardisation bodies. A comprehensive engagement and consultation governance mechanism will be applied for the realisation of the ecosystem. PEERS utilises existing platforms in Copernicus, such as the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) and the air quality monitor system (CAMS) to help strengthen the PEERS ecosystem capability for additional resilience to environmental factors. Additionally, the ecosystem includes an integration capability to existing community-building platforms and a gamification strategy, aimed at encouraging solid user engagement, strengthening interactions activities, and furthering user training skills based on situational awareness.

PEERS brings together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of specialists, to work together as a focused delivery team on meeting policymaker and practitioner expectations over the course of the project and deliver transformational change in the European Disaster Risk Resilience and CBRN-E environment.


Project duration: 36 months starting from 1st November 2022
Point of Contact: Beatrice Errico (Fondazione FORMIT) –