(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


INCLUDING aims at creating a long-lasting cluster of practitioners, decision and policymakers in the RN domain, interacting together and with technology suppliers and academia. The project steadily manages the link with other EU completed and ongoing projects, and with existing clusters to optimize the cross-fertilization with the exchange of expertise, knowledge and resources.

Security of Explosives pan-EuropeanSpecialists Network (EXERTER)

Security of Explosives pan-EuropeanSpecialists Network (EXERTER)

The network aims to:

  • highlight innovative methodologies, tools and technologies that could be part of solutions to enhance the overall Security of Explosives and fight against terrorism and serious crime,
  • discuss and lift needs, solutions, issues etc. within the network, among practitioners and within the explosives specialist community. The work evolves around research initiatives, standardization & certification as well as market and product development, and tries to take an holistic approach to the issues raised by covering a large part of the course of events through the four response domains; prevent, detect, mitigate and react,
  • be a link between actors; manufacturers, academia, research and practitioners, to support development and exploitation, and to help increase practitioners’ capabilities in the fight against terrorism and serious crime.


Though being a project network with a wide coverage of expertise, the goal of EXERTER is to expand and to reach out to the entire Security of Explosives community in order to facilitate the interaction among end users, industry, and academia and to promote innovation and uptake, and be a meeting and information sharing point.

Project duration: 1 Jun 2018 - 31 May 2023
Point of Contact: