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(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


INCLUDING is a Cluster of RN practitioners, operators/managers of training facilities, demonstration sites, and testing workbenches and innovation developers (academia, research centres, industries, SMEs) structured in order to provide affordable RN resilience through advanced managing of training infrastructure and better integration of innovative solutions and methodologies in prevention and response systems for enhancing the safety of European citizens.

International Security Competence Centre G.M.B.H. (ISCC)


The company International Security Competence Centre G. m. b. H. (ISCC), an SME in Baden (Austria), represents an international network of security experts. Members of the ISCC Board of Directors and the international ISCC network of partners have decades of experience in security-related threat- and risk assessment, as well as in security technology and operational security. ISCC operates on the basis of networked security, i.e., it cooperates closely with members of the international security community (armed forces, police, special forces), eminent scientists and engineers from universities and private industry – many serving as associates of ISCC.
ISCC security professionals are engineers, chemists, physicists, including also experts in weapons and explosives, in undercover operations and in related security operations in the field. ISCC services range from catastrophic terrorism to critical assessment of emergency preparedness in case of a major terror attack, laboratory- and field tests of weapon systems and explosives, as well as risk analysis for the National Critical Infrastructure (energy, transport, telecommunication, banks, food industry).

Activities in Including

ISCC have the following responsibilities:

  • Leader for Work Package 4 – A common learning framework for RN training
    • Task4.1 Workshops on the EU RN training framework,
    • Deliverable 4.1 Report on the INCLUDING Training Matrix,
    • Task 4.2 Development of RN training learning objectives.
  • Contributor to
    • Work Package1 - Project management (Task 1.1 Project coordination),
    • Work Package 2 – The Federated Cluster (Task 2.1 Database of training facilities),
    •  Work Package 3 – Training gaps analysis and scenarios development (Task 3.1 Evolution of RN hybrid threats, Task3.3 Scenarios Refinement and Development),
    • Work Package 4 – A common learning framework for RN training (Task 4.3 Validation and feedback from Joint Actions).
  • Member of The Security Board (SB).