(Innovative Cluster for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


INCLUDING is a Cluster of RN practitioners, operators/managers of training facilities, demonstration sites, and testing workbenches and innovation developers (academia, research centres, industries, SMEs) structured in order to provide affordable RN resilience through advanced managing of training infrastructure and better integration of innovative solutions and methodologies in prevention and response systems for enhancing the safety of European citizens.

Ministry of Home Affairs - Public Security Police (PSP)

Ministry of Home Affairs - Public Security Police (PSP)

Ministry of Home Affairs - Public Security Police (PSP), whose mission is to assure the democratic legality, guarantee the internal security and the rights of the citizens, under the Constitution and the Law. Core Fields of daily activities: Public order, Crime prevention, Crime investigation, Drug related crime investigation (not international), Traffic security and fiscalization, Airport Security, Road accident crime investigation, Sport, cultural, social events security (soccer, music concerts), Environment security, International Civil Police Missions, civil emergency, civil protection. Missions against terrorism or highly organized crime that require skilled, highly trained personal and special equipment, like SWAT, anti-riot, bomb disposal, CBRN, k9 or close protection are assigned to the PSP's Police Special Unit (UEP).

Activities in Including

The PSP will contribute to the extent necessary for the project progress, notably through the appointment of a team of experts for the development of resilience requirements and participation in field exercises. PSP will participate on the study and definition of characteristics of scenarios and elaborating a wish-list and participating in the capture and definition of requirement specification for first responders about scenarios and explosives and CBRN devices of interest. PSP will also be part of assessing the methods and procedures making an analysis and evaluation of the devices developed and take active part of the demonstrations.